‘Lessons learnt from large flood events in the Bay of Plenty Region’ Workshop

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Start date: April 10, 2019

End date: April 11, 2019

Time: 9.30 am - 5pm

Location: Whakatane

Why attend the “lessons learnt from the large flood events in the Bay of Plenty Region” workshop?

The River Manager’s forum is a group of river managers from all regional and unitary councils across New Zealand, who come together to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt in the management of New Zealand Rivers from a council perspective. The Rivers Group is a forum for all those with an interest in rivers, flood risk management and the operational and environmental issues of catchments and river systems.

Understanding River Management in the Bay of Plenty 

Understanding the events leading up to large flood events, things that unfolded during those flood events, and the response from the Regional Council and Civil Defence, help us collectively to understand and plan for future flood events.

  • Learn about the Rangitāiki River flood scheme and the Rangitāiki floodway, and some of the challenges the council faces moving forward.
  • Hear about BOPRC’s flood forecasting model for the Rangitāiki River, and how it performed in light of the 2017 flood event.
  • Learn more about the three major flood events that have occurred in the Bay of Plenty in the last few years, and the independent reviews and recommendations from two of these.
  • This event is a unique opportunity to network with river professionals and leaders in river management.
  • There is an opportunity for robust discussion with the BOPRC river management team during the panel discussion.
  • Inspire each other with our stories of success, challenges and celebration. 
  • Participate in an interactive field trip through the Rangitāiki River with those involved with managing the river. 

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Student Full Registrations early & late $280.00
Day One only member $290.00
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Field Trip Only $85.00